Mice And Rat Extermination

Canberra is home to the Brown Rat, Black Rat and the House Mouse to name a few and these pesky critters are no laughing matter.

About Our Mice & Rat Control

In the Canberra region, it’s common for mice and rats to be more active during the colder months of winter; whilst they seek warmth.

Mice and Rats can be a serious problem in your home as their carriers of disease, can often contaminate your food and can cause serious damage electrical wiring. The later has, in rare cases, led to house fires!

Armageddon Pest Control employs lockable boxes to trap the rodents in areas accessible by children or pets.

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What To Look For

Signs that you may have a rodent problem include noises in the roof (scratching), signs of their activity such as droppings, urine stains and gnawed objects.

Brown Rat

They’re commonly found in wet environments, and that’s earned them the moniker of “Sewer Rats”. Brown Rats are often found in sewers, creek beds and just about anywhere there’s water.

They can grow up to 20 to 25 centimetres in length and normally weigh in around 250 or so grams; living for up to two years.

These Sewer Rats are fond of water and wet environments around Canberra homes.
A house mouse will find it's way into your home and eat your cereal! If you spot them, give us a call to remove the pest.

House Mouse

Don’t leave your Weet Bix out, these critters love cereals and are a pretty serious problem. While they enjoy living in and around human-made infrastructure, make no mistake, the House Mouse is a wild animal.

They typically grow between 7 to 10 centimetres and weigh in at a very light 10 to 30 grams. They breed rapidly and can live for up to 18 months.

Black Rat

Avid climbers the Black Rat is most at home in your roof; earning them the common name of “Roof Rats”. Once they’re in your roof, they’ll take to build a nest and breeding.

They grow up to 24 centimetres and can weigh as much as 200 grams.

These little critters love to build nests in your roof and breed, if you spot them in your Canberra home - give us a call.


Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I treat my property?

We typically recommend that you have your property treated for the common Canberra region pests such as spiders, cockroaches and silverfish every 12 months.

Is pest control safe if I’m pregnant or have young children?

Yes, Armageddon Pest Control uses pesticides and baits that we’ve formulated to have the lowest toxicity available. They’re then applied where pests breed and live.

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