Silverfish Extermination

Armageddon Pest Control has you covered when it comes to pesky Silverfish Infestations in and around your home. We provide treatment as part of our comprehensive pest control services.

About Our Silverfish Pest Control Service

Silverfish can be very destructive in the home. They’ve got quite the appetite for paper, books, clothing, food, cotton, silk, linen, wallpaper and even your tapestries.

While they’re hard to stop, you should keep an eye out for the warning signs of Silverfish infestation. Signs that you might have a Silverfish problem include small holes in your clothing and the presence of dead silverfish on your floors.

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More About Silverfish

Being small, wingless and nocturnal insects; Silverfish typically live out of sight within your home. They can be found hiding away in kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes, storage boxes and sometimes in your garage.

They’re silver or light blue in colour and reproduce very quickly. Keeping your home well ventilated can help prevent infestation.

However, if you do, spot Silverfish in your home give Armageddon Pest Control a call for a free quote.

If left untreated Silverfish infestations can quickly grow out of control.

A black silverfish.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide a warranty?

Yes. Armageddon Pest Control offers a six months warranty on our general pest control treatments (cockroaches, silverfish and spiders). If you discover an infestation within this period - please contact us and we will discuss options moving forward.

How often should I treat my property?

We typically recommend that you have your property treated for the common Canberra region pests such as spiders, cockroaches and silverfish every 12 months.

Is pest control safe if I'm pregnant or have young children?

Yes, Armageddon Pest Control uses pesticides and baits that we've formulated to have the lowest toxicity available. They're then applied where pests breed and live.

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